Stereoscopic Plate
3 Slides, 4x5 Inch
2 Slides, 4x5 Inch, Cropped Edges
Daguerreotype and Autochrome
2 Photographic Plates
2 Prints on Paper
2 Daguerreotypes
2 Negatives, one 4x5 Inch Instant, one 5x7 Inch
2 Photographic Plates
Stereoscopic Plate, Broken
3 Slides, 4x5 Inch
2 Plates, one Stereoscopic
Photographic Plate, Reversal, Hand-Colored and 6x6-Slide
3 Tin-Types
3 Slides, 35mm, Mounted
2 Photographic Plates, Reversal (Broken) and Negative
Contact Print, 4x5 Inch and Negative, 4x5 Inch
2 Photographic Plates, one Retouched
2 Stereoscopic Plates